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Safety fence for a new deck without drilling into it.

A great illustration of how each client’s safety fence installation is uniquely approached can be seen with one of our Key Biscayne customers. This Key Biscayne customer recently built a beautiful, new wooden boat dock along the canal that leads out to the Atlantic. Concerned with the safety of children and pets on the dock, they wanted a safeguard in place. Our Protect-A-Child removable safety fence stood out to them as the best solution because of the removability, transparency and, especially, how the fiberglass fence posts would not corrode from the salt water, as happens with aluminum fence posts. However, there was a bit more to the project.

The Challenge

The customer did not want to compromise the integrity of their new wood dock by drilling holes in it. At first, we were a little perplexed about how our removable fence could be effectively secured without going into the deck. We discussed some different options with the customer and collectively came up with a very innovative solution. We agreed to fabricate a supportive rail system that we bolted to the side of the dock through the use of a floating dock. Not only were we able to preserve the dock, we also didn’t compromise the look and dependability of our safety fence. The result was an aesthetically pleasing, secure fence and a very happy client!

Each customer presents their own set of unique needs and challenges. That is what makes this work fun and exciting. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients through customized designs, fabrication and installation. This client installation is a great example of that fact. Check out our safety fence reviews to read what Miami families are saying about us.

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