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Pool safeguards needed for pets and a baby on the way.

This multi-level pool design was for an active, young couple expecting their first child. The couple wanted a fence around the pool not only to secure the pool for the baby they are expecting, but also for their three water-loving dogs.

Some pets do not know their physical limits, and pet drownings happen more often than we like to think. It is estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning incidents each year, most of which can be prevented with proper precautions in place such as a pet safety fence.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge on this project was designing an aesthetically pleasing, multi-level fence around the pool that accommodated both the unique shapes and angles in need of fencing. We were able to provide an intricate fence design that both met the immediate needs of the safety of their dogs and will continue to serve their growing family for many years to come.


  • Know your dog’s ability. Aging dogs, accidental falls, and nighttime slips and falls can result in panic.
  • Even if your dog isn’t a swimmer, know they can still accidentally fall in.
  • Dogs with health conditions, such as seizures, are never safe near a pool without a fence around the pool.
  • Protect-A-Child pool fences protect human babies and fur babies alike.
  • Dog safety vests and pool ramps are not 100% accident proof. Secure pool fencing is the only way to protect your pets from accidents poolside.

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